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There is nothing more crucial to your online presence than a safe and secure website. As technology advances, so does malicious software and black-hat hackers.

Every year, we find new ways of keeping our customers secure and giving them peace of mind that they are protected. And for our Advanced Plan customers, things have just got even more secure.

Tripwire Security.

Tripwire security is a method we are using to protect our Advanced Plan customers. We use clever software that constantly monitors our customer’s sites and notifies us of any potentially malicious activity, the moment it happens.

We regularly log in to websites and perform our scans. We update plugins, run security & health checks and advise our customers on any website changes we think will be beneficial to their performance.

The good news is that our Tripwire Security measures come at no extra cost to our Advanced Plan customers.

Website Security

What is an Advanced Plan Customer?

All of our web customers are automatically placed on the ‘Essentials’ Plan when they join us. However, we recommend to some customers to select our Advanced Plan, with many perks.

Essentials Plan:

Advanced Plan:

If you would like to find out more about increasing your online potential, becoming an Advanced Plan customer or starting your website journey with Wave. Reach out to us.

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