SSL – The move to mandatory

Not just for ecommerce any more.

An SSL certificate is proof of encryption between the website and the visitor. It is a must for ecommerce websites, due to the nature of taking card details through their website, as well as other information sensitive interactions, like online banking.

However encryption is fast becoming the standard, with all websites using it to offer their customers a degree of privacy and security, regardless of the information they share. What was once optional is quickly becoming mandatory.

One of the loudest voices in the chorus of calling for better online standards is Google, who in 2020 began signalling to users of its Chrome browser if a website was secure or not. It has long been suspected this was the first step in putting pressure on website owners to move to SSL. 

Benefits of your website being SSL secured:

What visiting non-SSL websites will be like in future.

We believe Google will escalate a lack of an SSL certificate as a serious security issue and will intervene directly with severe warnings. The vast majority of visitors will stop here and not progress past the warning, devastating your website traffic and reputation.

Don’t be left in this situation. Enquire with us today about being SSL secured.

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