Logo Design & Branding

Develop your brand identity further, to reflect your ethos, attract customers and reach bigger heights.

First Impressions.

Your brand is the face of your company. And first impressions count. But your brand ios so much more than your logo design.

Your brand should give you personality and help you stand out from the competition.

It is important to create a connection with customers and project your brand to the right target audience.

A Streamlined & Personal Design Process


The is where we learn about our client, explore designs and delve deeper into their business.


We take the ideas discussed in our consultation with the client and provide multiple logo/branding concepts for the client to analyse further.

Final Design

The final design is created using all of our knowledge from the inital consultation with the client and the feedback given on the logo design concepts.

Brand Identity Case Studies

Fleetcard - Logo Design & Brand Identity

An Electrifying Brand Identity to Promote and Reward the Use of Electric Vehicles

Stems - Logo Design & Brand Identity

Shopify Website Design & Brand Identity for the Curators of Beautiful Faux Flowers

Streamline - Brand Identity

A Brand identity to Promote and Celebrate Travel, Adventure, Luxury and Convenience

Hess - Brand Identity

Visionaries in Designing & Manufacturing Contemporary Home & Office Furniture

Airplay - Brand Identity

Trampolines, Bouncy Castles & Obstacles. A Brand Identity Appealing to All Demographics

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