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What is a Website MOT?

A website MOT is a series of checks performed by our website design and development professionals to ensure that your website is performing in the best possible way, meaning customers stay on your site and you start converting more leads into sales.

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What We Analyse:

1. Design

A bland website design is the best possible way of making customers look elsewhere. Having an eye-catching yet functional and informative website design is key to keeping customers on your site for longer.

Our web design experts compare your site to the industry standard, and keep up with the latest trends and website capabilities to make sure you really stand out from your competition, not just join them.

Website Design
Google Ranking

2. Google Ranking

Are you on page 1 of Google for your chosen keyphrases? Do you even have any chosen keyphrases to focus on? Fear not.

As SEO (search engine optimisation) experts, we work with our clients to find the top keyphrases they need to appear for on Google.

We analyse the competition and optimise your website content so that you start creeping up the Google search results and appearing to more people on Google.

3. Security

Do you have a padlock icon next to your website URL? It’s the little things that customers look out for when it comes to your website.

Security for yourself and your customers should be your number 1 priority and things such as no SSL certificate show ‘not secure’ next to your website URL, rather than a padlock.

Imagine what else you’re missing, find out how vulnerable you really are and what we can do to help with our website MOT.

Cyber Security

4. Content

Your website content is the most important aspect of your site. Your text, layout and images all need to be optimised for SEO and provide the best user-experience for customers.

Getting the right balance is a true art and takes time to perfect, you don’t want customers clicking off your website because of the lack of / overload of content.

So speak with experts who can optimise your site for maximum conversions.

5. Regular Updates

Working with a digital agency to grow your online presence means that your site, it’s content and it’s security features are always up to date.

If you don’t regularly update your site or your last blog post was 2018, you’re missing one of the easiest ways to appear higher on Google and attract more customers.

You don’t always have the time to regularly update your site but that’s okay, that’s our Job.

Website Design Updates

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