Mr Pretzels

A website design showcasing Mr Pretzels' most delicious products. Don't look at this Case Study when you're hungry!

Who Are Mr Pretzels?

They’ve been baking delicious hand-rolled pretzels since 1994. Since then, they’ve grown and grown and today they have more than 160 outlets in 17 countries.

They required a sleek and minimal website design to let their product imagery be the star of the show.

We were so excited to pick up this project and work closely with Mr Pretzels, as they are such a successful business and brand.

The challenge.

Mr Pretzels’ existing website was difficult to update. With no content management system they had to perform website design and content changes with the help of third party developers, making updates inefficient and costly. 

The design had no mobile version, with just a clunky desktop version squeezed onto smaller screens which was alienating a large chunk of visitors.

Key objectives.

  • Improve website user experience.
  • Allow the client to perform content and design changes themselves.
  • Improve and introduce new functionality to the website and make the website design responsive.

The solution.

  • A fresh new website design.
  • A re-platform onto WordPress.

A Tasty Website Design

We started from scratch with the website design, going back to basics by aligning the website’s aesthetic to the brand and products.

Delicious Product Imagery

The previous website failed to visually do justice to the products, so we introduced better product photography to promote the range. Simple changes with a big impact.

Harmonious Website Design & Functionality

New functionality was added in the form of an Outlet finder. Enabling the client to manage locations themselves quickly and easily, giving them control back of their own website.

Bespoke Features

Another introduction was giving the client the ability to post vacancies for the outlets on one central job board.

The existing website had become a ‘thing to have’ instead of a ‘thing to use’ – features like this re-establish the role of the website as an actual business tool, aiding their marketing and saleability of the product and also being a channel for recruitment.

A Fully Responsive Website Design

Crucial to the success of modern-day websites is a website design that looks great on every screen size.

The Platform.

WordPress is a website design & content management system, allowing clients to update their own website’s information without needing to know website design themselves.

This is exactly what Mr Pretzels needed for years, not only did we provide the website design, we provided them with freedom.

Project outcomes.

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Drop in bounce rate on mobile
Outlets featured on the website