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Unique branding for a unique business model.

Hess Logo Design Branding

Luxury Bespoke Furniture for the Home & Office,

Hess needed a logo design & brand identity to match its unique and creative business model. After specializing in custom-made decoration and furniture for years, Hess wanted to go premium.

The logo mark represents not only the Hess name, but also their creativity and ability to custom build incredible pieces and they needed a team of graphic designers to help them portray this.

Hess Logo Branding Design

Graphic design in the real world. The Hess logo appears proudly above the entrance to the showroom.

Hess Logo Design Branding Pack

The brand identity for Hess pairs beautifully with the logo design. The combination of vertical and horizontal lines builds a brand identity that represents the hand-crafting skill that Hess has acquired over many years in the industry.

The Process.

See the steps we took, from the inital consultation to final design.

1. Consultation.

Hess were desperately in need of graphic design & brand identity experts. In our consultation we discussed where their brand is and where their brand should be.

2. Design Proofs.

Logo design concepts were the first stage of design proofs. The initial consultation gave us lots of information to work with to create a range of logo design concepts.

3. Develop.

Developing the brand identity revolved around the final logo design. The rest of the identity came together once the final logo design was chosen.

Hess Logo Design branding billboard ad

The Reach

Hess understood that branding is more than just graphic design and a logo.

This is why we created some beautifully simple advertising mockups to show the client how their logo design and branding can represent their minimalist ethos and be used in greater ways to attract the attention of potential customers.

Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator is used to create vector graphics, ideal for logo and packaging design. It is part of the Adobe Creative Suite which we are very familiar with.

Adobe InDesign

Indesign is the perfect piece of software when it comes to designing layouts for print. In this instance it was used to create the business cards, leaflets and posters.

Hess’ minimalist ethos is applied to every sector of their brand, Including their workwear.

Hess Logo Design Branding Stationary Pack

Who says graphic design is only digital nowadays?