Top Questions we ask Before Creating a Website

As website developers

We have come to understand the importance of collaborating efficiently with our clients to develop the best online service.

The truth we have come to understand other the years is that it’s almost impossible for any website to succeed without a deep understanding of its services/products and the site visitors. If we will look deeper at any website we will see that it’s not built for the designer and not even built for the client. It’s created to fulfil the needs of the site visitor.

Here are the top questions we ask you before starting on your website project

1. What does you’re business do?

By understanding how the company works we will be able to create an accurate bespoke website that will be representative of your business. Understanding the primary goals for a website is the foundation of everything we will do during a project.


2. What is you’re target audience?

What are their goals? Is it possible to segment your site visitors by gender? Age? Geography? Income? Education level?
Just after understanding the website users we will be able to structure your website to entice your visitors to take the specific actions you want them to take.

3. Who are your main competitors?

By knowing who you are competing against, we will make a research to see how others in your field handle their websites. We do not intend to copy what others are doing, but rather to learn from the benefit of their experience, as well as from their mistakes.

4. Websites on the Web that you like and why?

We all have different visions and ideas of how a website should look like so, by seeing your examples we can get a sense of your own personal tastes and what are your expectations. Since personal preferences are so subjective, it really helps us to know what visual style you respond well to.

5. What are must-have website features?

Each website is different and has its specific functionalities considering the industry it makes a part of. We can work together to find what features your website could benefit and suggest new ways to leverage all the technologies that are available and appropriate to your site.

6. Do you have a prepared content?

“Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.” – Jeffrey Zeldman

If you do, that’s great! If you don’t, who will create it? What type of content will your site have? Do you have imagery, videos?

7. Do you have a logo / brand identity?

If you already have a logo and a brand identity we will use them as a starting point when creating the design proofs. If not, we are ready to prepare them as a part of a full project. All these questions might take some time to answer, but once you have all the answers it will be a good foundation for a successful website or an eCommerce shop.

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