The British
Ironworks Centre

An e-commerce website designed and developed for a magento store with thousands of products.

Knife Angel face credit British Ironwork Centre

Humble Beginnings

The British Ironworks Centre began in what was a disused workshop on an industrial estate in the heart of Wolverhampton making and offering a range of metal ware and metal services.

The enterprise quickly became very established, having to move to bigger premises along the way several times.

During the coming years, e-commerce grew in popularity with their products reaching not just a national audience, but are also being despatched worldwide. They needed a brand new website design that could cope with this.

Multi-Channel E-Commerce on Magento.

The challenge.

Design and develop beautiful e-commerce websites for all 3 British Ironworks businesses.

Design & create a filtering system on the website and navigation menu to help organise and categorise 1000’s of products on the website. 

Migrate the Black Country Metalworks website from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

Key objectives.

  • Increase website sales and enquiries.
  • Improve the backend system.
  • Create an easy website user experience for customers using a clever website design.

The solution.

  • A fresh new website design
  • A clever filtering system
  • Re-platform the website onto Magento2

Beautifully Designed E-Commerce Website

Magento allows British Ironworks to provide a seamless e-commerce experience for their customers, as well as giving us creative freedom when it came to the website design.

Here we are showcasing just one of their West Midlands businesses websites: English lampposts.

Website-Worthy Images

We wanted to show off the beautiful images taken for the British Ironworks website as it not only shows their impressive products, but also the stunning environments they’re featured in.

Thousands of products

A clever filtering system added to the website design, lets customers easily find what they’re looking for.

When a website has thousands of products such as British Ironworks, a quick way to find products is essential for a great website user experience.

The perfect platform

Magento intelligently talks to British Ironworks’ stock and inventory system, payment gateways and other shopping channels.

The Platform.

Magento 2 allows for a sleek website design and seamless e-commerce experience. Allowing us as designers and developers to create a bespoke website with almost endless possibilities.

Integrating into their existing payment solution and marketing campaigns whilst retaining data continuity meant that re-platforming the website to Magento 2 was as painless as possible and did not disrupt the established workflow.

Fully Responsive.

british ironworks magento website design development

The website design adapts to mobile and tablet users with ease, producing a consistent shopping experience through the website across a range of devices.