Switch Midlands

A custom portal designed with bespoke requirements.


Who are Switch Midlands?

First launching in 2007 thanks to National Lottery Funding, Switch provides participatory arts-based activities for children and young people, specialising in digital arts such as music production, film and photography, hence the name Switch.

Following the 3-years of funding, they became a sustainable social enterprise, regularly being commissioned by schools and local authorities to deliver social and emotional well-being interventions for children and young people.

Now with over a decade of success and experience, The Switch Project has become Switch Midlands – better reflecting the reach and impact it has had in the region. 

The challenge.

Switch Midlands had an existing online portal for recording information about pupil support.

However their needs as an organisation had outgrown what it could do.

A custom portal was the best way to achieve the clients bespoke portal requirements.

Key objectives.

  • Improve the accuracy of information and ease of use for staff.
  • Provide key feedback to stakeholders on attendance and safeguarding.
  • Store and handle the information more securely on a custom database.

The solution.

  • A fresh new timeline orientated bespoke UI.
  • Custom built portal.

Custom User Interface

We took a simple chronological approach to the custom portal design to reflect the nature of the information being recorded.

Bespoke Profile Design

Simple user profiles keep the system clean and concise when storing multiple users with various roles. Which was another requirement for the custom portal.

Bespoke Profile Design

A major gap in the previous portal was an inability to alert users on key events. That gap has been closed thanks to our in-depth custom development.

The portal features an email alerting system for key stakeholders. Timeline events automatically trigger emails from the portal to key recipients.

The Platform.

WordPress is a versatile content management and website design system. Over a decade of experience with it means we can mold it into bespoke requirements to create custom portals. 

The WordPress system is used as the foundation underneath while the front-end is a completely bespoke user interface, designed to deliver the requirements set by the client.