Your Luggage

An endearing logo design and brand identity with a remarkable personal touch.

A Charming Little Logo
Design with A Lot of Personality

Personalising your luggage is all about infusing a small piece of your character and identity into your suitcase. Which is why we spent time delicately crafting a logo design and brand identity with a charming personality of its own.

A Logo Design
In-Itself Personalised

What’s more fitting than a logo design that in-itself if endlessly customisable. We designed this logo as part of the ‘logo system’, with variants of the icon for each special occasion, visually showcasing the brands narrative.

Brand Identity Colours

The primary colour of calm cashew allows the colour and design of each logo variation to stand out.

Paired with a modern navy secondary colour, the contrast between these two shades perfectly represent the brands ethos of providing a calm and stress-free personalisation process, with a modern, strong and reliable customer service.

The brand’s identity is complete when we introduce two exciting accent colours, sunset yellow and pastel red.


Headings & Body

poppins regular lowercase

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz   .,;:{}[]'”#@-_/?


A special social media cover image for World Tourism Day, featuring the modified PYL logo design.

We even changed the favicon during Halloween to a very spooky version of the ‘Personalise Your Luggage’ logo. Are you scared?

Beautiful minimalism is what helps Personalise Your Luggage stand out from other brands in their industry. See it take place even in their email signatures.