Logo Design & Redesign

What is a logo?

The logo is the most important part of the business branding. It appears on all of the company communications, online, offline marketing and advertising pieces as a graphic representation of the company.

Having a good logo is extremely important for a business and for the branding of your company’s name. Customers will get an idea of what your company is all about the moment they see your logo, that is why the first impression it’s so important as it reflects your business, your values and principles, it’s also the most powerful marketing tool known.

A good logo isn’t about a nice looking sign with an interesting text, it’s about a bigger idea. It comes as a result of a deep research of your market company field, business goals, target audience and much more.

There are many elements to keep in mind when designing a memorable logo that will be able to change people’s perception of a business, which later will help to increase the volume of sales and enquiries, so it’s worth investing in this stage to have a solid start.

A logo starts with a brainstorming that will take all the customers ideas about its business, the results of the market research and mix them to create a new shape that will represent in all ways the business identity.

After the logo was designed a next step would be to create a full brand identity pack that will enhance the business visual presence across different media and marketing channels, like on your website, within an app or on a storefront sign, all key things that shouldn’t be left to chance. The Brand Guidelines book establishes distinct guidelines on how all visual aspects of a company’s brand will be handled. It will create a set of rules for creating a unified and identifiable presence for your brand. 

This includes everything from the design of a logo and how it can be used, to letterhead, business card, the look of a website and personal communications. It will come along with a set of fonts and typography, defined colour palette, guidelines for images, illustrations or other types of graphics. It’s a complex and very useful tool that will help the company keep a consistent visual presence and be more recognisable.

Great logo design always stands the test of time and only once in a decade would benefit from a fine tune as needed over time. Having to frequently update a logo is bad for a business that is trying to create a recognisable brand, but sometimes it becomes a must to refine it if it wasn’t first created along with the company’s values or just to keep up with the company’s evolution.

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