The Kaleidoscope
Plus Group

A website redesign for one of the West Midlands leading mental health organisations.

Invoking a feeling of freedom through

A Bright & Happy Website Design

The Key Objectives.

  • Invoke the feeling of peace and happiness through the website design.
  • Create an easy-to-navigate and structured user-journey.
  • Categorise services in a fun and interesting way.

The Result.

  • A colourful & optimistic website design.
  • A simple, yet informative structure.
  • Colour coded categories for services.

A Positive Outlook.

The stark reality is that a significant proportion of the site’s visitors may be grappling with challenging mental health issues, in need of expert assistance or simply a compassionate listener.

It was paramount for us and our client to instill a sense of trust and care among site visitors. We believed that the phrase “You’re in Good Hands” aptly conveyed this message. 

Colour is Key

Kaleidoscope specialise in a wide range of services, each led by dedicated mental health professionals.

To assist users in easily identifying and accessing these services, we implemented a colour-coded system that enhances site navigation and helps users quickly locate the information they need.

Additionally, we carefully curated a site aesthetic featuring soft, rounded edges, vibrant colours, and a cheerful font to promote a sense of positivity and ease.

Built on WordPress

WordPress is a powerful platform for website design that provides designers and developers with the freedom and flexibility to create unique and visually appealing websites.

Unlike many website builders, WordPress offers complete control over the design and functionality of a website, giving us complete freedom when it comes to the design and functionality.

A Simplified User-Journey

Given Kaleidoscope’s extensive range of services, each containing crucial information, it was vital to present this information in a clear and structured manner.

You can see that the secondary colour of the page, in this case purple is lifted from the tab on the services page, creating a clear visual link between service categories and pages.

Small details like this along with the strategic use of images and a thoughtfully-designed layout, help to deliver an enjoyable user experience that blends information with aesthetics.

Putting The Fun in Fundraising

As a mental health charity, The Kaleidoscope Plus Group relies on donations and funds raised from fundraising events to continue providing essential support to those in need.

With the redesign of their website, our aim was to make it effortless for users to access information about fundraising opportunities, including the ability to book their place and purchase tickets for upcoming events.

To achieve this, our developers modified a WordPress plugin to meet Kaleidoscope’s specific needs and enhance the overall user experience.

Expert Help

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Website Design

Ensuring Accessibility

As a mental health charity, it’s vital that The Kaleidoscope Plus Group’s website is accessible and user-friendly across all devices, including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. In emergency situations, users may not have access to a desktop computer, so ensuring that the site is easy to navigate on mobile devices was of the utmost importance.

Our mobile design strikes a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics, simplifying the user experience even further than on the desktop version. For an organisation that saves lives, having a website that is accessible and easy to use anywhere and anytime can make all the difference in someone’s life.