First In The Door

A WordPress website design, developed to transformed First In The Door from B2B to consumer-focused.

Connecting home-buyers to
buying agents


As a startup with an ambitious and constantly evolving road map, we have been able to outsource the vast majority of our tech and development function to Wave Digital Agency.

Craig, Jack and the wider team are very much an extension of our organisation at First In The Door and I cannot recommend them highly enough. We first appointed Wave to build version 2 of our website for a consumer launch and they now provide ongoing tech and development support for a wide variety of initiatives. At all times they have been reliable, speedy and flexible in their delivery of a first class product.

It is rare to find a development agency who are at once strategic but innovative and pragmatic problem solvers at the same time.

-Jonny Morris

Chairman, First In The Door

The Key Objective

  • To redesign and redevelop the site away from a B2B website to a more consumer-friendly website in order to connect with website users on a more personal level and connect them with Buying agents more effectively.

The Result.

  • A simplified website user-journey.
  • Landing pages designed and developed to target specific types of people, locations and budgets.
  • A new way to manage leads for First In The Door through the back-end of the website.

A Refined Frontend User-Journey

We transformed First In The Door from a website tailored to B2B, to a website that is fully consumer-focused.

Lots of small, incremental changes to the website’s navigation, procedures and layout work in concert to provide customers with a seamless user-journey, better connecting them to Buying Agents than ever before.

Connecting website users to Buying Agents more quickly and effectively keeps users engaged and makes the overall experience of finding their dream home that much more enjoyable.

Targeted Landing Pages

A big part of redesigning and redeveloping the First in the Door website from a B2B website to a consumer-focused website was creating engaging landing pages to be used for PPC advertising and digital marketing.

Each landing pages focuses on a specific type of person, location or home-type, to better target and engage website visitors who are brought to the site through an ad.

This also helps to create a more streamlined website design and user-journey, as website visitors are taken directly to the page that is most beneficial to them, rather than having to browse the entire site looking for ‘London properties’ in this case.

Designed and Developed on WordPress

WordPress is a powerful platform for website design that provides designers and developers with the freedom and flexibility to create unique and visually appealing websites.

Unlike many website builders, WordPress offers complete control over the design and functionality of a website, giving us complete freedom when it comes to the design and functionality.

Better Connecting Home-Buyers to Buying Agents

This page on the website showcases just how easy it is for website visitors to connect with a Buying Agent in the area they are looking at.

The website recommends Buying Agents for you. However, users are also able to browse Buying agents to find the right one for them based on location, ratings, experience and specialities.

A simple, yet sophisticated website design is one of the key attributes that makes First In The Door such a breeze to use and it’s development brings much-needed calm and clarity to the home-buying process.

A whole new way
to manage leads

With our Lead Data feature on the backend of the website, First in the Door can get fantastic insights into how home-buyers are using the website, better than ever before.

Each Lead is broken down into easy-to-manage data such as property type, budget and timescales.

First In The Door can then delve deeper into this data or export as a CSV and see specifically how each lead was generated.

This allows for faster lead-generation times and a much more tailored home-buying experience for the websites users.

A fully responsive
website design

A website design that is responsive on all devices is the standard for website design and development in the modern era, but a website that’s been designed and developed to look this good on all devices isn’t…

A collaborative effort between us and First In The Door ensures that the site looks stunning on every possible device, whilst remaining easy and enjoyable to navigate.

Thanks to it’s chic, minimalistic design, users are able to connect with Buying Agents effortlessly, no matter where they are or what device they are using to access the website.

If you’re looking for a website design that’s developed to this level, reach out to our team using the contact form below…