A WordPress website with an industrial edge. A robust design for robust machinery.


At it’s most elegant

The Key Objectives.

  • To design a strong and industrial, yet beautiful WordPress website.
  • With a seamless user-journey and satisfying customer experience.
  • That complies a vast amount of important information in a simple and user-friendly layout.

The Result.

  • A website design inspired by the art of brutalism.
  • A beatifully laid-out product page dedicated to each machine. 
  • A quick-hire form on each page taking the complexity out of hiring machinery.

Complex Products, Simplified

Despite the website’s stunningly industrial and unique design, we developed a website that could not be easier to navigate.

On the website’s home page, you will find the full range of equipment available from DEO’Reilly, ready to hire in just a few clicks, with each machine photographed to showcase its most important qualities.

The Rundown

Each product page on the website features a rundown of the machine’s top qualities, so it is easy to find the best option for you at a quick glance.

Displayed in such a design that perfectly matches its industry, each product page features a great description of what each machine is used for, as well as it’s transporting capabilities and ideal terrain.

Designed and Developed on WordPress

WordPress is a powerful platform for website design that provides designers and developers with the freedom and flexibility to create unique and visually appealing websites.

Unlike many website builders, WordPress offers complete control over the design and functionality of a website, giving us complete freedom when it comes to the design and functionality.

A Web Design
with Some History

With almost 2 decades of experience, DEO’Reilly have been proudly serving the West Midlands, and have been clients of ours for many many years.

Our communication was excellent and from our initial consultation, both our team and DEO’Reilly knew exactly what to expect from this stunning website redesign.

A strong and robust website, designed and developed way past the current industry standard.

No Messing About

Thanks to this expertly designed enquiry form, hiring your desired machinery really could not be any easier.

With a beatifully simple and bold design, it’s hard to miss this form at the bottom of each page.

Designed and developed to be as straightforward as possible, customers simply fill out their contact information, tick which machines they are looking to hire and select the exact duration they will need the machinery.

Job done.

A Fully

Mobile Responsive Design

Effortlessly Hire Machinery, Wherever You Are

Believe it or not, you might not always be near your PC when you realise you need to quickly hire a machine.

Thanks to a website design that is fully responsive on every device, you don’t have to be.

Experience the same seamless user-journey and breathtaking website design on desktop, mobile and tablet.