Comparing Website Design & Development Platforms

Website Design & Development

It can be overwhelming starting your new online venture. With so many different platforms to choose from, it’s difficult to know which one is best for your business. This short guide will quickly and clearly outline the features of the 3 most popular website design platforms available and help you to decide which platform is best for you.


Shopify is a website design platform tailored to small/ medium e-commerce businesses and is a great choice for any business that’s just starting out. Shopify prides itself on it’s simplicity and makes it very easy for business owners to quickly change product information, add new products and change the website design/ layout themselves.

Shopify is more limited compared to other platforms when it comes to website design, opting for simple, easily-editable layouts over ‘fancy’ features. However, with an official Shopify Development agency like Wave, you can work with us to modify the design of your site outside the normal boundaries of Shopify and really make your website stand out amongst other Shopify stores.


Magento is Shopify’s older brother. A website development platform also tailored around e-commerce. However, Magento is designed for medium/ large businesses with thousands of customisable products and complex product options.

If Shopify is based on simplicity, Magento is based on possibility and has many more options available when it comes to design & development, such as product information, product customisation, and website design/ layout.

It would be extremely difficult for a business owner to create a Magento store from scratch with no previous experience. This is why we strongly recommend speaking with website design & development professionals like ourselves to help guide you and create your Magento store.


Unlike Shopify & Magento, WordPress is a CMS, a content management system. Perfect for websites that need to provide information on their business through sleek website design. When it comes to the design of your site, WordPress offers a world of possibilities and is as close to total freedom as you can get before opting for a 100% bespoke website design.

A big benefit of using WordPress as a CMS is its vast range of verified plugins (apps) that allow you to turn your basic WordPress site into whatever you want it to be. ‘WooCommerce’ can turn your site into an e-commerce store, ‘Formidable Forms’ allows you to create fully customisable contact forms for users to fill out, and there are thousands more to choose from.

We highly recommend using a digital agency to help you design and develop your WordPress store, but once the site is Live, it’s easy to pick things up and start editing/ changing the content and design yourself.

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