Introducing: AutoPilot by Wave Digital Agency

For those with a big to-do list, that just keeps getting longer Today, we are excited to introduce a new, highly requested service that’s designed to streamline our clients’ operations and enhance their online presence at the same time. This new service allows our clients to address tasks that they know are essential, but are […]

Using Ai during the web development process

How a digital agency uses Ai As a digital agency committed to delivering 100% bespoke website development and customized marketing campaigns for our clients, you might think that incorporating AI into our website development process contradicts our ethos. but that’s far from the case… SEO This entire blog post has been manipulated and tweaked by […]

My Website is Live…Now What?

Congratulations! You’re Live! It’s a great feeling getting your new site Live. For many it’s a fresh start and for some, it’s an entirely new and exciting venture. It’s easy once your site goes Live to sit back, relax and wait for the enquiries to come through, but there are so many things you can […]

Don’t Go Into Turtle Mode

Turtle Mode? Granted, ‘turtle mode’ is a phrase that we have just made up. But the meaning behind it could save your business. Don’t Hide When turtles are scared, they hide away in their shell. When businesses fear the worst, they often do the same. With tough financial times ahead, it is critical to not […]