My Website is Live…Now What?

Congratulations! You’re Live! It’s a great feeling getting your new site Live. For many it’s a fresh start and for some, it’s an entirely new and exciting venture. It’s easy once your site goes Live to sit back, relax and wait for the enquiries to come through, but there are so many things you can […]

Safe From Hackers – Tripwire Website Security

Peace of Mind. There is nothing more crucial to your online presence than a safe and secure website. As technology advances, so does malicious software and black-hat hackers. Every year, we find new ways of keeping our customers secure and giving them peace of mind that they are protected. And for our Advanced Plan customers, […]

SSL – The move to mandatory

Not just for ecommerce any more. An SSL certificate is proof of encryption between the website and the visitor. It is a must for ecommerce websites, due to the nature of taking card details through their website, as well as other information sensitive interactions, like online banking. However encryption is fast becoming the standard, with […]