Introducing: AutoPilot by Wave Digital Agency

For those with a big to-do list, that just keeps getting longer Today, we are excited to introduce a new, highly requested service that’s designed to streamline our clients’ operations and enhance their online presence at the same time. This new service allows our clients to address tasks that they know are essential, but are […]

Logo Design & Redesign


What is a logo? The logo is the most important part of the business branding. It appears on all of the company communications, online, offline marketing and advertising pieces as a graphic representation of the company. Having a good logo is extremely important for a business and for the branding of your company’s name. Customers will […]

Brand Identity Packs

What is a Brand Identity? A Brand Identity Pack takes the key elements such as your vision, colour, type, icons, imagery and turns these into a pack that helps deliver a clear message to your audience. The pack gives everyone who works with your brand clarity on how to present a consistent visual communication across all […]